York Minibus Hire

The York Minibus Hire service facility is our most regular and main provision and is mainly for small groups of people which are in the region of around eight to fourteen people and such people will need transportation for special occasions, weddings, christening and other events. Normally this comes in the form of eight seater, twelve seater and also fourteen seater capabilities.

As this service is cost effective compared to a large coach hire, it is carried out through our very own specialised unit and local chauffeurs are used, who know the specific area you intend to visit. However, we may look to outsource work where it is needed, especially at busy times and also where specific needs are to be met.

We aim to provide a swift booking facility which is done without any complications and this makes up for the main bulk of our work. We have easy instructions and we guarantee that our friendly staff will assist in anything unforeseen.

This service is available throughout the year and is very popular amongst our customers. Although booking is swift, due to the demand; we still ask customers to ring us as soon as possible so that disappointment can be avoided.