Minibus and Coach Hire

York Minibus and Coach Hire will offer a specific range of vehicles ready to fit any occasion. We have the main 8 seater, 14 seater, 16 seater and 24 seater minibuses as well as the larger 33 seaters and 53 seaters. A larger 72+ seater can also be booked in advance. York is part of the YO1 postcode area.

Some of the main features you can expect from our minibuses include safety seat belts, rear view mirrors, central locking, CD, radio and low floor access. Executive minibuses will include extra features such as cup holders, leather seating and drinks cabinet. If you need further information on specific vehicles then please ring us or send us an email with your requirements.

York is a city based in the northern part of England and also firmly placed in North Yorkshire. It is considered a walled city and lies near the River Ouse as well as Foss. The population of the city is estimated at well over one hundred and ninety eight thousand and only three percent being of South Asian heritage. Less than one percent is considered mixed race and about half a percent are black. Females outweigh males and the general rate for marriages, divorces and single parents remain at impressive national rate levels. The city also fares well when it comes to the crime and order figures. York is regarded as one of the most iconic cities in the whole of the UK and iconic in terms of its vast heritage.

The history of the city can be traced back to the days of the Romans and it even went down as a capital city for them. Various kings settled here and hence through time the area became steeped in history. Vikings are said to have captured the area in the year 866 and much later into the period, it became an effective trading designation for wool and in contrast also for religious purposes namely the Church of England.York minibus hire gives the best prices in York

York is filled with many sites and most of them unsurprising being of gothic and historic nature. Worthy of special mention has to be the York Minster as this is one of Europe’s largest gothic cathedrals. It has the Archbishop of York as its main apostle and he is one of the most figures for the Church of England. The formation of the Church goes back to the days of the year 314. It has various rose windows and also goes through illuminations at night time.

Other good sites in the area include the York Castle, York Castle Museum, Snickleways, The Shambles, Chantry, National Railway Museum, The Merchant Adventure Hall, Theatre Royal, Ridings Light Theatre Company and also Betty’s Café. York is part of the YO1 postcode area.

Transport in the area is served by many categories but it is safe to say that the river services deserve initial mention. The river Ouse and also the Foss River were extremely significant for the cities infrastructure and these are luckily still in operation today. You can expect plenty of barges and boats.

York Railway Station is deemed significant and is nearly as famous as the cities other sites. It has stops to places like London, Edinburgh and also Newcastle. There are also other services to Manchester, Birmingham and Hull.